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for teachers and the educational reforms they support. in president of the american federation of teachers, the chicago teachers' national union, wrote and i quote . . . weingarten, the president of the american federation of teachers, the chicago teachers' national union. randi, thank for joining us. >> it's always great to be with you, eliot. >> eliot: thank you. you did reform late the education conversation with the strike. explain what you wanted to do and what you think you accomplished? >> no one wants a strike, and a strike is to be avoided virtually at all no one goes into a strike willingly. but what happened in chicago was there has been 15 years of closing schools and teaching to the test as opposed to teaching children, so parents and the educators, together -- that's why parents supported the strike by a two to three to one basis, talked about how we need the tools for teachers, and resources for kids, so we make every single school in chicago a school where parents want to send their kids and educators want to work. a school where kids actually get pre
of the energy solution investments in education and infrastructure. so we'll talk about how to move forward billing off of the last four years. >> eliot: all of that is clear and i think correct. but it doesn't fully answer what will happen. john boehner odds are, is still likely to be speaker of the house. >> sure. >> eliot: in which case you will have a tough negotiation with him. can you pledge to the american people that you will stand rigid in opposing extension of the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest americans? >> the president's economic team knows they have a mountain to climb in front of them in terms of dealing with congress. the congressional leadership on the republican side came together the day the president was nominated and said we care more about score political points than working with this president. change comes by engaging people outside of washington, and putting pressure on the leakership in congress. so that's what we are going to do, and continue to do that, we hope the speaker and other republican leaders will come to the table. this is a time
. but less than 20% are going into the economy. so women are being educated but they still are not able to put those skills to use for the benefit of their country. >> eliot: because of social prohibitions. >> certainly. we look at it in three ways. we look at our women entrepreneurs, and say what do they need. we say they need capacity building so quite a lot of the women maybe have not ever had business training but we also think what they need is confidence. and that's a trend in general of particularly women in areas where they have been told so much what women can't do that we need to build up their confidence to tell them that women can do what they want to do. and the final thing we want them to do is give them access to capital. 40% of the world's working population are our women. obviously 50% of the population is women, yet when you look to access to capital, a key driver of the economy, only 10% of the capital available in the world is going to women. >> eliot: the micro finance evolution has had a direct impact on women in particular. and it has a re
. mitt romney was at the education nation forum where he couldn't believe that new york parents might support the teacher's union over reformers like mike bloomberg. one parent assisted a quinnipiac poll showed just that. >> they believe that actually unions are fighting for our kids and that a lot of the reform has been holding back our kids. >> i don't believe it for a minute. i know something about polls. [ laughter ] and i know you can ask questions to get any answer you want. >> eliot: poor mitt. when the question was who do you trust to protect the interest of public school children, parents of new york public school students faved the union over bloomberg by better than three to one. for successful private equity chief, mitt romney seemed to have a problem with numbers and facts. let's go to "buzzfeed" correspondent and rolling stone contributing editor michael hasting and huff post live host abby huntsman. all right. a lot of stuff going out there in the political world. the reality is none of it is chan
for research and education has released a four-minute ad featuring actor samuel l. jackson that might do the trick. >> schools the environment unions, fair pay. we're all on our own if romney has his way. he's against safety nets. if you fall, tough luck! so i strongly suggest that you wake the [ bleep ] up. >> eliot: not sure what the beep was. for more on the presidential campaign, let's go to alina and mother jones staff reporter andy crowell. alina, let's start with you. am i overstating the case when i say ohio is done? a 10-point margin at this point i've gone through a couple of campaigns. i don't see how you move 10%. tell me i'm wrong. make it fun. >> hi, thanks, eliot. well, i'm very much on the money side of things and on the kind of monitoring of donation side of things. i can tell you that there are plenty of ad spaces left in ohio. from the standpoint of reaching the voters in ohio, romney and his team still have an opportunity actually today i spoke to a number of station managers over in cleveland and
on that issue. i've said all along that republicans' appeal to latino voters has to be on education. here in denver we have one of the highest dropout rates among hispanic kids in the nation. it is inexcusable. we're failing an entire generation of minority kids in colorado and around the nation. i think the democratic party is still held captive by the national education association and the colorado education association here. and education i think is the issue to get to those voters. >> eliot: i'll agree education is an issue when i talk to latino voters. and education as much as anything else is an issue that resonates, touches a nerve. everybody, latino voters, included, of course, cares deeply about. i don't agree the democratic party is hostage. rahm emanuel pushing for reform. teacher's union is not against reform but that debate is a whole separate debate aside for a moment. answer the harder question about immigration. why didn't mitt romney act sooner on the immigration issue both because he don't think he
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)